Five tourist felt lost on Sant Jordi`s Day

Let me share a quick interview to a group of tourist about Sant Jordi day. They asked me to keep their names anonymous.

 We came to Barcelona for a week. The end of March sounded great. Spring had started, we all had vacation and we found a special trip to travel from London, only for two hundred pounds each. As I always do when we go on a trip, I bought a Lonely Planet Barcelona guide to read about the places we must visit and highlight their locations on the map. We already knew some tips and suggestions from friends that had already been here, but they never told us about events and holidays.

On Monday, we did the Gaudi tour. We went to Parq Guell, Sagrada Familia and Passeig de Gràcia. Tuesday, as the first point on our itinerary, we had planned a walk along Las Ramblas, from Plaza Catalunya to Barceloneta; but something unexpected happened in the city.  This entire street was full of stands and people selling books and flowers. On the one hand, it was great. It seemed to be Valentine`s Day for me. Girls were holding flowers and looking for the best book to give to their friends. Everybody was happy. But, on the other hand, we couldn´t follow our schedule. There were too many people walking in the same direction as us, restaurants and stores were packed. We never really knew what was happening. The five of us preferred to buy a sandwich and sit at Plaza Universitaria to eat it.

 A new point of view…. and it is real, isn´t?


Celebración de Sant Jordi en Las Ramblas-Barcelona

Cecilia Holguín


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